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Volunteering while Unemployed or seeking Employment

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If you are in receipt of Jobseekers Benefit, you can volunteer for as long and as frequently as you wish without affecting any of your payments. However, if you are in receipt of payments from the Department of Social Protection due to being unemployed or disabled, there are certain criteria, which apply to you. We have compiled this information here for you. Please take care to read this fully. If you need further assistance contact us by e-mail, phone or just call in, we will be happy to help you.

People who are unemployed have the right to volunteer their time and services. The range of voluntary work available is endless and by volunteering you can:

1. Gain Work Experience Volunteer experience looks great on a resume. Also, some of the work you do could lead to a job doing similar work.

2. Improve Your Health and Self-Esteem Volunteering to help others has been provn to reduce stress, give you hope, and boost your self-esteem.

3. Meet Real Community Needs Helping other people through practical work, to learn to read, or get basic food, clothing, shelter or furniture makes a huge difference! Whether the project is planting a tree or tutoring children, the community will look and feel better.

4. Gain New Skills and Develop Talents Whether you enjoy working with computers, children, or seniors, any interest you have can be developed through volunteering.

5. Potential employers By volunteering, people who are seeking employment, are showing potential employers that they can commit to work, are used to the work routine and have recently used, and possibly improved, their skills.

So if you are a jobseeker, and you want to volunteer, please visit the Department of Social Protection Website for confirmation of the above, and  - click here to download Form VW1.